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          Page last updated 16 August 2020

          Role of Chess Counties in the MCCU

          Eleven county chess associations - Derbyshire, Manchester Chess Federation (playing as Greater Manchester), Herefordshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire - currently form the MCCU. At times in the past Oxfordshire (currently without affiliation) and Huntingdonshire (now part of Cambridgeshire CA in the EACU) were members of the MCCU.

          The counties have agreed annual funds based on the level of chess activity in each county to pay for the competitions run by the MCCU. Each county association has four votes at the annual MCCU general meeting and may send more than one delegate or appoint a proxy vote.

          Most of the county associations forming the MCCU field teams in inter-county competitions organised by the MCCU. Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire have the greatest number of county teams in MCCU competitions while Herefordshire and Northamptonshire are the only ones that do not. If you are keen to organise a county team, please talk to your county secretary and the MCCU Chief Executive Officer.

          MCCU Counties
          The eleven counties that form the MCCU

          County Association Directory

          If you wish to contact a county chess association secretar, a delegate or officer to the Midlands Chess Counties Union, please contact Ray Dolan if the relevant details are not available from the relevant county association's website.

          Derbyshire website

          Secretary: John D.Hoddy
          MCCU delegate: Simon Gilmore

          Nottinghamshire website

          Secretary: Neil Graham
          MCCU delegate 1: vacant
          MCCU delegate 2: Drag Sudar
          MCCU delegate 3: Tim Walker

          Herefordshire website

          Secretary: Alan Leary
          MCCU delegate: Alan Leary

          Shropshire website

          Secretary: Matthew Clarke
          MCCU delegate 1: Roger Brown
          MCCU delegate 2: Richard Thompson

          Leicestershire & Rutland website

          Secretary: John Pattinson
          MCCU delegate 1: Shabir Okhai
          MCCU delegate 2: Paul Mottram
          MCCU delegate 3: John Mitchell

          Staffordshire website

          Secretary: Ray Dolan
          MCCU delegate 1: Andrew T Leadbetter
          MCCU delegate 2: Robert Milner
          MCCU delegate 3: Matthew Carr
          MCCU delegate 4: Ray Dolan

          Lincolnshire website

          Secretary: John Grasham
          MCCU delegate 1: Peter Sherlock
          MCCU delegate 2: John Grasham
          MCCU delegate 3: Ian Scott

          Warwickshire website

          Secretary: Andrew Ward.
          MCCU delegate 1: Andrew Ward
          MCCU delegate 2: vacant
          MCCU delegate 3: Alex Holowczak
          MCCU delegate 4: David Thomas

          Manchester Chess Federation website

          General Scretary: Andrew Shingleton
          Executive Officer: Jon Lonsdale
          MCCU delegate 1: Julian Clissold
          MCCU delegate 2: Jon Lonsdale
          MCCU delegate 3: John Reyes

          Worcestershire website

          Secretary: Paul Sharratt
          MCCU delegate 1: Paul Sharratt
          MCCU delegate 2: Stephen Woodhouse
          MCCU delegate 3: Tony Shaw
          MCCU delegate 4: Monty Woodhouse

          Northamptonshire website

          Secretary: Keith Ball
          MCCU delegate: Chris Gibson