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        1. Midland
          Counties Chess

          MCCU Officers and
          Board of Management

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          Constitution Admin Papers English Chess Forum

          Page last updated 30 September 2020


          President: vacant

          Vice Presidents: David W Anderton OBE (Staffs); B Neil Beasley (Leics); Ray Collett (Worcs); Roger J Edwards (Staffs); Andrew Farthing (Worcs); Peter C Gibbs (Warks & Leics); John Grasham (Lincs); Julie Johnson (Leics); Neil Graham (Notts); Harry Lamb (Manchester Fed); Andrew Leadbetter (Staffs); Peter Sherlock (Lincs): John Waine (Warks).


          Board of Management

          Chief Executive Officer: Ray Dolan(Staffs) Tel: 07815 540 866. e-mail
          Secretary: Please conatct Ray Dolan, above.
          Public Relations Director and Webmaster: Ray Collett (Worcs) Tel: 01905 454 754. e-mail
          Non-Executive Director: Eunice Dolan (Staffs) e-mail

          For all other officers, please contact Ray Dolan

          Finance Director: Andrew Leadbetter (Staffs) e-mail
          Non-Executive Director: Matthew Carr (Staffs)
          Events Director: Ray Dolan as above
          Grading Director:
          Peter Sherlock (Lincs)
          Director for Junior Chess: Tim Walker (Notts)
          Safeguarding Officer:
          Vacant (contact CEO for relevant issues)
          Meetings Chairman: Paul Sharratt (Worcs)
          County Championship Controller: Peter Sherlock as above
          Correspondence Chess Controller: Ray Dolan as above

          Appointed Officers

          Controller Team Inter-Counties Teams' Competitions: Peter Sherlock
          Controller Midlands GP and Midland Individual Championship award vacant, to be filled
          Controller Correspondence Chess: Ray Dolan, as above.
          E.C.F. Council Delegates: John Reyes. e-mail.


          About the Board of Management

          All officers including the Chief Executive are volunteers. Any help to share the burden of organising regional competitions will be welcomed. The Board of Management can fill vacancies in the Board of Management that remain after an annual general meeting, or which arise in the course of a year, and appoint officers or sub-committees as necessary to expedite the affairs of the union. Currently three board members carry out dual mangement board functions: the Chairman is an ECF delegate; the Publicity Director is also the Webmaster; and Grading Director is also the Controller for thee Inter-counties competitions. Currently the board meets once yearly and most issues arising during the year are dealt with by e-mail and telephone consultation. At general meetings, each member of the board has a single vote and each county 4 votes, which may be exercised by proxy or by a single county delegate. For further details use 'Constitution' button on the left-hand-side menu.