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        1. 22 Sep 16 15 Sep 20

          Buy Christmas cards from MSF

          Purchasing Christmas cards to send to friends and family is a great way to support and spread the word about our emergency medical work.

          We have a varied selection of stunning designs to suit most tastes.

          Images include photos from our projects?in Bangladesh and Uganda as well as an?image?donated by Royal Institute Artist Delia Cardnell.?

          Each pack contains 10 cards and envelopes and costs £6.00. We receive?66% of the pack price.

          Postage and packing on orders under £10.00 is £1.95 and will be sent Royal Mail First Class.

          Delivery is free for all orders over £10 and these will be sent by Royal Mail Second Class.

          Select your christmas cards?now >?

          If you would rather place your order using a postal form,?please contact?us on:

          Telephone:?020 7404 6600?(9.30 am to 5.30 pm)