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        1. Midland
          Counties Chess

          2020 County Online Championships

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          Published 8 July 2020

          Online National County Chess 2020


          The national stages for the 2019-20 county team competitions could not take place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit England harder than other European countries. In response, ECF organised County Championships Online. Counties were offered Open and under-1825 competitions for teams of 12 players with the possibility that captains could agree to play a larger number of boards. The time control was set at 60 minutes plus 15 seconds increment from move 1 and the platform was adopted. In spite of the limited time available for preparing the competition, a total of 32 teams entered, including some that had not participated for many years. Seven MCCU counties entered teams into the Open competition and three teams in the under-1825 competition.

          Teams in the two competitions - Open and Under-1825 - were then assigned to pools, the winners and runners-up of which proceded to final stages matches with teams from other pools to decide national champions. Division 1 teams (Greater Manchester, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire) compete for the Open and Major championships. Derbyshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire compete for the Challenger and Major championships.

          These competitions were arranged to begin in June and finish in August. Play started with Preliminary Challenge matches played on 6 June to allow players, captains and orgaisers to familiarise themselves with the online format and reporting procedures. The preliminary match results did not contribute to the competition, but did allow players to chalk up online graded game results. Competition matches were then played fortnighly.


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