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        1. Midland
          Counties Chess

          County Team Championships

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          Last updated 16 January 2020

          Fixtures List 2019-20 Season

          Please advise the Controller and webmaster of any errors or changes. Please note this page relies on information supplied by the controller and county organisers. If there is any doubt about dates, please contact your team captain.

          Please note that in the new year (1) invitations to compete in the u180 competition will be sent out and (2) teams in the Midlands Championship will be asked whether they are seeking nominations for the national stages of the Open or Minor Counties team competitions.

          If players are in any doubt about dates or venues, contact your team captain. Dates for fixtures in 2019-20 are based on the list e-mailed to team captains by the controller on 5 September. Any changes since the 5 September list are shown in red for new dates and the old dates are greyed out. Changes since the 5 September list are listed below.

          • 16 Jan. u100 Nottinghamshire Juniors have conceded their match against Staffs which was scheduled for 8 Feb
          • 14 Jan. It is believed the postponed Minor counties Lincs-Worcs fixture is to be played 18 Jan, but if you play for these teames, please contact your captain.
          • 14 Jan. u100 Warks-Staffs fixture moved to 29 Feb
          • 8 Dec. Minor Counties: Warks-Leics date fixed for 15 Feb
          • 1 Dec. Minor Counties: Warks are seeking to re-arrange home fixture with Leics. The error in the Minor Counties fixtures table has been corrected.
          • 5 Nov. Minor Counties Notts-Lincs has been rescheduled from December to 14 March.
          • 4 Nov. Unions are expected to nominate counties for national stages by 22 March 2020 so the u120 re-arranged fixture Shrops-Notts is in doubt. 30 Oct. u120 Shrops-Notts put back to 28 Mar.
          • 27 Oct. The u120 fixture between Notts and Leics is a Leics home match.
          • 21 Oct. u120 Notts team has a new captain: Bob Abrahart
          • 23 Sep. u120 Notts-Leics put back a week to 16 Nov.
          • 17 Sep. Minor Counties Shrops-Lincs moved to 22 Feb.
          • 14 Sep. u100 Worcs-Leics re-arranged for 8 Feb from another previously discussed date Feb and the original December date.
          • 13 Sep. Worcs u100. Stephen Woodhouse takes on administrative arrangements for Worcs u100 fixtures with Steve Crees officiating as captain at home matches and Richard Collett at Worcestershire's away matches.
          • 9 Sep. Minor counties Leics-Shrops changed to 14 Dec.
          • 7 Sep. u120 Shrops-Notts moved earlier to 19 Oct.
          • 6 Sep. u140 Leics-Derbys moved back to Controller's original date on 19 Oct.


          2019 Mids Champ
          U180 U160 U140 U120 U100 Congresses
          & Other
          5 Oct             4NCL
          12 Oct Notts-Warks
            ?Derbys-GMC Leics-Derbys
              Leics Cong
          ECF AGM
          19 Oct Warks-Worcs     Leics-Derbys Shrops-Notts Warks-Leics
          Worcs-Notts Jun
          Birmingham Rapid Sunday
          26 Oct         Leics-Derbys
          2 Nov     Warks-GMC Leics-Staffs
          9 Nov     Notts-Derbys   Notts-Leics Worcs-Notts Jun 4NCL
          16 Nov Leics-Lincs
            ECF Blitz Ch
          23 Nov       Worcs-Derbys     Dudley Cong
          Wark Uni Rapid
          30 Nov       Derbys-Lincs   Worcs-Staffs Hereford Cong
          Bolton Rapid Sunday
          7 Dec Leics-Shrops
          Coventry Rapid
          14 Dec Notts-Lincs
            Warks-Notts   Shrops-Worcs Notts-Notts Jun
          21 Dec              
          2020 Mids Champ
          U180 U160 U140 U120 U100 Congresses
          & Other
          4 Jan Lincs-Worcs
          11 Jan ?Lincs-Worcs     Notts-Leics   Notts Jun-Leics 4NCL
          18 Jan         Derbys-Shrops
          25 Jan Shrops-Notts         Leics-Notts
          Warks-Notts Jun
          1 Feb Shrops-Warks
            GMC-Notts ?Derbys-Staffs      
          8 Feb       Lincs-Leics Notts-Derbys Leics-Worcs  
          15 Feb Worcs-Notts
                Leics-Shrops   4NCL
          22 Feb Shrops-Lincs       Derbys-Worcs Warks-Staffs  
          29 Feb Leics-Notts     Lincs-Worcs
            Warks-Staffs 4NCL
          7 Mar         Shrops-Staffs
          14 Mar Notts-Lincs   Derbys-Warks   Notts-Staffs Notts-Worcs  
          21 Mar           Worcs-Warks  
          ?28 Mar         Shrops-Notts    
          10-13 Apr     Easter        
            National stages County Team Championships: Preliminary rounds
            National stages County Team Championships: Quarter Finals Open, Minor, u160,u120
            National stages County Team Championships: Quarter Finals u180, u140, u100
            National stages County Team Championships: Semi-finals
            National stages County Team Championships: Finals (provisional)