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        1. Midland
          Counties Chess

          Congress & Events Calendar

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          Midlands and selected National Events

          Links are to tournament organisers' websites or entry forms. Events without links will have links uploaded when they have been received from county officials or organisers. Entries with TBA or TBC will have details uploaded shortly after the webmaster receives information from organisers.

          By playing in the competitions hosted on this website you agree that your name, chess grade and your membership status with the English Chess Federation (ECF) may be published on this website for the purposes of recording the results of the competitions. You also agree that such information will be passed to the ECF, the governing body, for grading purposes, and published on their website.

          • Sat & Sun 18 & 19 Apr. Cancelled. Staffordshire Congress at Ryecroft Community Hub 28 New Forest Road off Dartmouth Avenue, Walsall WS3 1TR. Five rounds and half-point byes available in rounds 1-4.
          • Thu to Sun 30 Apr-3 May. Postponed. English Seniors Championships at Holiday Inn Kenilworth, 212 Abbey End, Kenilworth. Over 50 and 65 aged players. 7 Rounds ECF graded and FIDÉ rated.
          • Sun 7 Jun. Staffs North vs South. Giant 50-board match.