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        1. Midland
          Counties Chess

          MCCU Grand Prix 2009-10

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          Published 23 June 2010

          Don Mason is the 2010 MCCU Champion!

          Results 2009-10

          Don has already qualified for the ECF Championship at Canterbury and other leading players are either qualified or not intending to compete so it was decided that the MCCU would not nominate a player for the ECF Championship this year

          The Controller notes that few players competed in more than two events.


          Player Club Grade Notts Warks Bolton Herf'd Total
          Don Mason Shirley, Warks 196 4 3 - 10½
          David Coates Grantham, Lincs 175 3 4 -
          Brandon Clarke Littlethorpe, Leics 199 4 - -
          Anthony Hynes Warwicks Select 199 4 - - 6
          Mike Surtees Bolton, GMC 194 - - 6
          Ankush Khandelwal Warwick Univ, Warks 205 4 - -