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        1. Midland
          Counties Chess

          Midlands Under-150
          Rapidplay Grand Prix

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          2013-4 GP & RGP

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          Published 10 September 2013

          Steve Crockett retains title in 2012-3 Rapid GP

          Nearly two hundred players participated in one of the MCCU counties' rapidplay tournaments. Twenty players competed in 3 or more events.

          23 Jun. The final Nottingham resuls show the gaps between top players are narrowed, but Steve has another splendid win.
          2 Apr. After the Manchester results, Steve Crockett (Redditch, Worcs) still leads, but Philip Shaughnessy (Urmston, GMC) is second within striking distance as are joint third placed Sam Beardmore (Cheddleton, Staffs) and Robert McClean (3Cs, Oldham, GMC). There is one more event to come, Nottingham on 23 June.
          7 Feb. The Stockport RP results are now in and Steve Crockett (Redditch, Worcs) has extended his lead over Philip Shaughnessy (Urmston, GMC). Sam Beardmore, the junior from Cheddleton & Leek, Staffs is third.
          1 Jan. The late results from Leamington have now been received and added to those from Bury. Steve Crockett (Redditch, Warks) is 3½ points clear of second placed Jacob Boswell (Cheddleton & Leek, Staffs) but needed an extra event to be first placed at the half way stage. Pursuers are: Phillip Shaughnessy (Urmston, GMC) with 8½ points from 3 events and Clive Pemberton on 8 points from 2 events.


          Under grades: r indicates a rapid play grade and s a standard play grade

          Competitor   Club Grade
              Event         Total Posn
          Name     Aug Leam B'ham Boltn Bury Stockport Manchr Nott    
          Asbury Jon Shirley, Birmingham 124r 2 2          
          Barnett Douglas Urmston, GMC/Alsager Staffs 130r     2 ½ 3 2    
          Beardmore Sam Cheddleton & Leek, Staffs 108r   3   4 4 18 2nd
          Butterworth Fred Oldham, GMC 139r     2 2 4   10½  
          Carroll Anthony Swinton, GMC 96r          
          Crockett Steve Redditch, Worcs 97r 5   3 4   3 19½ 1st
          Fisher David Bury, GMC 104r     2   3    
          Hall Brandon 3cs, Oldham, GMC 94r       2 3 4   9  
          Healings Jack Cheddleton & Leek, Staffs 106r       4 5 4 16½ 3rd
          Hughes Howard Chorlton, GMC 115r       4   13  
          Kelly-Browne Raven Chorlton, GMC 63r     3     11  
          Kitshoff Alex Grappenhall, GMC 115r     3   3 1   7  
          Lysons Chris Eccles, GMC 110r       4 2    
          McLean Robert 3Cs, Oldham, GMC 109r     3   5   13½  
          Neil Jennifer Bolton, GMC 99     4   3   10½  
          Reid Connor Braunstone, Staffs 130r         3 8  
          Reid Patrick Braunstone, Staffs 85r 3         4 10½  
          Scattergood Ellen Holmes Chapel, GMC 79r     2 4      
          Scattergood George Holmes Chapel, GMC 123r     2     9  
          Shaughnessy Phillip Urmston, GMC 93r   3   14