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        1. Midland
          Counties Chess

          Midlands Under-150
          Rapidplay Grand Prix

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          2013-4 GP & RGP

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          Page published 2 August 2011

          Rules 2013-4 Season

          In these rules -

          • MCCU refers to the Midland Counties Chess Union.
          • MCCU player refers to any player who is eligible to represent a county affiliated to the MCCU in its county team competitions.
          • MCCU U150 player is an MCCU player whose published Rapidplay grade at the start of the season is U150, or in the absence of a published Rapidplay grade, a player with a published Standardplay grade of U150.
          • RAPIDPLAY refers any event eligible for Rapidplay grading.
            To be considered for inclusion in the Rapidplay Grand Prix (RGP) a congress must -
            1. be a Rapidplay event.
            2. be run by either -
              1. a county affiliated to the MCCU
              2. a club operating within such a county
              3. a person or persons who meet the definition of an MCCU player
            3. apply to the Events Director, or officer nominated to run the event, at least 14 days before the event occurs.
            4. agree to provide results to the Events Director or nominated officer within 21 days of the event taking place.
          2. SCORING SYSTEM
            1. The RGP will run in line with the grading season ending on 31st May each year.
            2. Scores in all events included in the GP will be taken into account, irrespective of the grading band in which an U150 player competes.
            3. Player scores over the total number of rounds for the event will be taken into account.
            4. The winner of the RGP will be the MCCU player graded u150 who achieves the highest cumulative score.
            5. If scores for the highest place are tied the title will be shared.
          3. TITLES & PRIZES
            1. The winner(s) of the RGP under rule B4 will be awarded the title of Midland Counties U150 Rapidplay Champion & will receive a prize of £50.
            2. If there are joint winners of the title each will receive a £50 prize.