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        1. Midland
          Counties Chess

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          Current News Current Season From 2008 Sep 2002 to Aug 2008, Obituaries


          Last updated 25 March 2015

          Index of obituaries of Midlands chess players

          Where the link is to an issue of The Middlegame, please use "find" and type in the name of the player.


          Atkins Henry Ernest (Leicester) d 1955. Biography, picture, 2 games in The Middlegame.

          Boniface, Stephen R (Northampton, Exmouth and Bristol) d 2005. Obituary in The Middlegame.

          Brooks, Harry (Great Lever, Greater Manchester) d 2011. Notice on ECF website.

          Church, Phillip (Redditch, Worcs) d 2005. Obituary in The Middlegame.

          Cowan, Ian (Boston, Lincs) d 2005. Obituary in The Middlegame.

          Fox, Mike (Richmond, Middx and Birmingham) d 2005. Obituary in The Middlegame.

          Hardy, Otto (Loughborough, Leics) d 2010. Obituary, 3 games.

          Hutchinson, Greg (Birstall, Leics) d 2003. Notice in The Middlegame.

          McKenzie, AJ (Birmingham) d 1949. Biography, one game in The Middlegame.

          Ritson Morry, William (Birmingham) d 1994. Obituary, one game. Re-published from MCCU Newsletter, Feb 1994

          Robinson, John M (Northampton) d 2006. Obituary, picture in The Middlegame.

          Robson, Tony (Northampton) d 2011. Obituary, one game.

          Rowe, Dave (Warley Quinborne, Birmingham & Dist League) d 2012. Obituary

          Walker, Mike (Mutual Circle and Birmingham & District Chess League) d 2015. Obituary

          Ward, Robert (Wolverhampton, Staffs) d 2002. Obituary in The Middlegame.

          Wood, Baruch (Solihull, Warks) d 1989. Biography, 1 game in The Middlegame.

          Woodcock, Roy (Nuneaton, Warks) d 2007. Obituary.

          Young, Norman (Walsall Kipping, Staffs) d 2012. Obituary, picture.